The Music of Mosquito: Creating a Buzz Through Song

It is no surprise that in a media-filled world inspired by creativity and viral content, people have taken up (musical) arms in the fight against mosquitoes. In this post, we look at some of the videos that inspire, educate and empower people to protect their communities against the dreaded mosquito.

Making people aware that mosquito control is a community issue is a big hurdle. This video encapsulates the concept of shared responsibility.

A human-sized mosquito? Check. 5 T’s? Check. A bunch of bros? Check.

You hate mozzies, I hate mozzies…let’s make a song and dance!

Malaria is a parasite that kills thousands of people every year. When mundane messages of “get rid of standing water!” do not work, music can do wonders.

Do you have a dance routine + catchy music? You’re ready to fight mosquitoes.