overview about the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District
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Our agency controls mosquito, aquatic midge, and simulium black fly populations.

The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District (GLACVCD) is a non-enterprise, independent, special district, enabled and empowered to act as a public health agency as a result of legislation incorporated in the California State Health and Safety Code.

GLACVCD is one of five mosquito and vector control districts in Los Angeles County. The District serves more than 6 million residents in a 1,340 square mile area, making GLACVCD the largest vector control district in Los Angeles County.

Am I in the Service Area?

Funding is supported by ad valorem property and special assessment taxes. For fiscal year 2015-2016, the minimum assessment rate is $8.97 per parcel. Parcels within the black fly control assessment zone are charged an additional $0.30 for that service.

What You Get From Your Local Coffee Shop


Per Year• Three large cups of coffee

What You Get From Vector Control


Per Year• Property Inspections

• Submit unlimited Service Requests

• Professional help from state-certified specialists

• Informational pamphlets, brochures and downloadable content

• Staffing at your next community event

• Vector ecologists monitoring diseases in your community

• Vector Control Specialists reducing breeding sources in your community

• Mosquitofish for your ornamental fountain or pond

• Speakers for your next event

• School and classroom visits by educational outreach coordinators

• Visits to event and schools by the mobile science lab, VecMobile aka “Bug Bus”

Our integrated response to threats in your community

Three departments work together to ensure effective and responsive vector control in all the cities and communities we cover. Learn more about each department here:

OperationsScientific-Technical ServicesCommunity Affairs