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Calling all Concerned Citizens!

The District is already starting to see high mosquito populations. What this tells us is that there is plenty of standing water in our neighborhoods. We are checking and managing water in your gutters, washes/drains, along the rivers and creeks, and in other public areas, but where we have difficulty… is in your neighborhoods. Many of you know that water-filled … Read More

Stay Bite-Free: Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We’re thankful to all of our wonderful residents who have been Tip ‘n Tossing stagnant water from around their home. As we head into a hot weekend, continue removing the water sources mosquitoes use to lay their eggs. In the meantime, enjoy our latest Velma the Vector video – Thanksgiving edition!  

Disease Watch: West Nile Virus Activity Includes More Human Cases and Mosquitoes

Have you checked the West Nile virus human case counts on the County of Los Angeles Dept. of Public Health’s website recently? Or how about the number of mosquito samples we’ve collected that have turned up West Nile virus positive? All signs currently point to an active West Nile virus (WNV) year…and it’s not over. Mosquitoes can stay active in … Read More

The Music of Mosquito: Creating a Buzz Through Song

It is no surprise that in a media-filled world inspired by creativity and viral content, people have taken up (musical) arms in the fight against mosquitoes. In this post, we look at some of the videos that inspire, educate and empower people to protect their communities against the dreaded mosquito. Making people aware that mosquito control is a community issue ... Read More

CDPH Confirms First Human West Nile Virus Deaths of 2017

While we trap for mosquitoes, control for mosquitoes, and remove standing water sources as much as possible, we still need people’s help to reduce the risk in their own yards. The summer heat plays a role in increasing the spread of West Nile virus. Take care of yourself. Take care of your families. Spend just 10 minutes each week dumping … Read More

West Nile virus human cases reported, mosquitoes are active!

Mosquitoes are known as being pesky and annoying. However, based on reports by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, those bloodsuckers can also be giving people West Nile virus. In their latest report on 8/18/17, there have been 27 human cases so far this year, with 23 of the people hospitalized. Here’s the “hidden” fact about West Nile: Only … Read More

Save Water, Not Mosquitoes Presentation in Whittier

Summer Water Conservation Tips to Fight the Bite This FREE event is for neighbors and families who conserve water, spend time outdoors gardening, or want to create a mosquito-free home this summer. Did you know the most dangerous creature on the planet lurks in your backyard? • Learn how to fight off mosquitoes and reduce the threat West Nile virus … Read More

Zika swoops into neighborhoods undetected using travelers, new research confirms

A series of papers published about the spread of Zika virus shows startling information that confirms what many people have suspected: Aedes mosquitoes spread the Zika virus in Florida at least 3 times before it was finally detected. Up to 40 people may have contributed to the Florida Zika outbreaks. In areas such as Puerto Rico, the virus circulated about 5 months … Read More

Keep Zika Out! Workshop in Bellflower

There are0 minutesin a day Can you spare 60 minutes to protect your family's health? Keep Zika Out! WorkshopThe Aedes aegypti mosquito is in Bellflower and has the potential to transmit Zika.This engaging workshop will bring vector control and residents together for an hour. We will explore the scenario of a Zika outbreak and current Aedes mosquito infestation in Bellflower. Participants will: Gain ... Read More