Calling all Concerned Citizens!

The District is already starting to see high mosquito populations. What this tells us is that there is plenty of standing water in our neighborhoods. We are checking and managing water in your gutters, washes/drains, along the rivers and creeks, and in other public areas, but where we have difficulty… is in your neighborhoods. Many of you know that water-filled … Read More

Tiger Mosquito Community Meeting: Los Angeles 11/2 at 6pm

On the heels of news that Asian tiger mosquitoes were confirmed in Silver Lake and Elysian Valley neighborhoods, Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell announced Tuesday he will host a public meeting aimed at arming residents with information on how to protect their families and homes from the potentially harmful insects. The community meeting will be held on Monday, November 2, ... Read More

Is your Pool Costing you a Fortune?

It may be your old, outdated pool pump. Older single-speed pumps waste both money and electricity. For a limited time, SCE and DWP customers can take advantage of variable-speed pool pump rebates ranging from $250 to $1,000! Southern California Edison and their partners have additional rebates available for upgrading pipes to and from your pump, solar pool heaters, and pool … Read More

Smart Controllers Reduce Irrigation Runoff…and Can Protect Your Health!

Community Partner Message: Castaic Lake Water Agency Approximately 70% of a typical Santa Clarita Valley water bill is water used outdoors with the vast majority used for landscape irrigation.  Sadly, we often use too much water, resulting in runoff.  A smart controller is a device designed to improve irrigation efficiency, save water and will often improve the quality of the … Read More

Community Partner: Burbank Eyes Green Pools

Burbank residents can rest assured that their city is targeting dirty, green pools in their neighborhood. If left stagnant, green pools can breed thousands of biting mosquitoes within five days — possibly spreading West Nile virus further into the community. To clamp down on this public health threat, the City of Burbank worked with GLACVCD and conducted a green pool … Read More

GLACVCD Welcomes SEED Cohort IV

Fourth group of Central American public health workers visits the District   GLACVCD welcomed its fourth group of international public health students participating in the Scholarships for Education and Economic Development (SEED) program. Twenty scholars from Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador are receiving intensive training from the District’s bilingual staff on transmittable diseases, mosquito abatement, disease surveillance, and … Read More

GLACVCD Welcomes SEED Cohort III

Third group of Latin American public health officials visits the District GLACVCD welcomed its third group of Latin American public health officials this month as part of the Scholarships for Education and Economic Development (SEED) program.Twenty participants from the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua visited the District to learn more about vector control and how to improve … Read More

GLACVCD Welcomes Second SEED Program Cohort District Staff Teach and Learn

SEED Cohort II Group Photo Californians enjoy an envious lifestyle in many regards. As far as vector control is concerned, residents are privileged to have five vector control districts within Greater Los Angeles County and over 65 throughout the state protecting their health. With ecologists, vector control specialists, and public education staff under its helm, GLACVCD is effective in defending … Read More

GLACVCD Welcomes Public Health Officials (SEED)

District Seeks to Impact Vector Control Globally The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District enjoyed the Jan 2011 SEED Cohort First SEED Cohort extraordinary experience of hosting vector control education programs for 20 Latin American public health professionals at District headquarters in Santa Fe Springs from February 15 through March 2. Bilingual District staff members from each department shared … Read More