• yellow fever mosquito

    yellow fever mosquito

  • Asian tiger mosquito

    Asian tiger mosquito

  • Australian tiger mosquito

    Australian tiger mosquito

The three invasive species in LA County are the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and Australian backyard mosquito (Aedes notoscriptus).

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We have many tips for residents on how to tackle Aedes in and around their home. Controlling these invasive Aedes is a priority for the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District.

The comprehensive Invasive Aedes Control Strategy uses an integrated approach to fight infestations of Aedes populations.

Educational Outreach

• Event booths
• School/classroom visits
• Presentations
• Advertising
• Increase awareness through news outlets

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Public and Private Property Inspections

• Door-to-door inspections of front and back yards
• Help homeowners, renters, property owners, business owners
• Eliminate breeding sources
• Educate the public about maintaining a mosquito-free property

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Population and Disease Surveillance

• Set traps for Aedes collection
• Test mosquitoes for diseases such as chikungunya, dengue fever, and Zika

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Sterile Male Tiger Mosquito

• Environmentally-friendly control of Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus)

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Targeted Yellow Fever Mosquito Control Program

• Mosquito larvae die before they can develop into biting adults

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Agency Partnerships

• Work with cities, organizations and other agencies to increase awareness and reduce the risk of disease outbreak.

• Provide presentations to community groups about relevant mosquito-related issues.