The disease surveillance program serves as an early warning system in the detection of mosquito-borne viruses that can infect people and animals.

The District uses the following factors to assess health risk in your community:

  • Higher-than-average daily temperatures
  • Mosquito Population Monitoring – Using traps set up in every community
  • Mosquito Testing for Diseases
  • Dead Birds – A CA state program: Dead birds help determine spread of West Nile virus
  • Sentinel Chickens – Chickens develop antibodies to West Nile virus, which can be detected by testing.

Using these measurements, the District is able to protect your health by responding appropriately to mosquito-borne disease threats.

Yearly Summary (2008-2017)

Note: Human cases reported by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Year-to-Date Statistics for 2018

WNV+ = Number of West Nile virus positive samples confirmed

  • City or Community
  • WNV+
  • WNV+ total: 0